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applying image to cake

Applying your Edible Image.

Using and applying your edible Image. Once you have decided on a theme by looking through the comprehensive options available on Edible Image Stock, order the background image that you want .

You can then top it up with edible elements / frame or template design if you so desire. Once you have received your image you can work further on your design and add text if needed. If designing is not your thing or you simply don’t have the time we are here to help.

Send your design out to be printed if you don’t have the means yourself. Once you have your print, store it in a cool dry place until your ready to apply the image to your cake or other edible surface. It is best not to apply your edible image long in advance. So once your cake or other edible art is ready and you are ready to apply. Peel the backing off and apply working from the middle to the edges. The image will take about 30 minutes to adhere to the icing.

Add more decorations if you desire and then your ready to impress with your beautiful edible creation.

Remember the most important thing is to have fun.


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