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What are Edible Image Costume Templates?

If you want to take your next edible print to a whole new level and really blow away your guests and customers then you need something extra special.

After 100’s of design hours our incredible costume templates for edible printing can instantly transform any photo into another scene and character all rolled into one.

Its magically stunning to look at especially when you finish it all off with custom text and even adding some individual edible image elements ! Our Costume Templatare are completely ready to use and only require a photo which is then seamlessly inserted into the cutout area.

All our costume templates are highly unique and optimised to be used with any edible printer.

Downloading, Unzipping & Opening your Edible Image Costume Templates

Once you receive your download link for your edible image costume template, you’ll need to click this link to download your file which will be a .ZIP type file that will need to be unzipped.ย  To unzip you will need to click on the zip file to open its contents which then need to be extracted to a folder.

After you unzip your file containing all your image photo template you can then use them immediately by opening up or dragging and dropping the frame into your graphics software.

NOTE: You can use either Photoshop, Photoshop Elements or GIMP to open your photo frame template file and we are using a software called Winrar to unzip the files in the following video however any unzip software will do..

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Inserting a Photo into your Edible Costume Template

The following video shows you how to insert and manipulate photo into your newly purchased costume template.

Adding Text to your Edible Image Costume Template

The following video shows you how to add in text after you have placed your photo into the frame area in your costume template file.

Saving and Exporting your Edible Costume Template

The following video shows you how to save and export your finished edible costume template as a standard Jpg image file so its ready for edible printing.

Placing your Finished Costume Template Image into an Edible Print Template

The following video shows you how to import and place your finished JPG image of your costume template into your edible print template file so its ready to print.

NOTE: All edible icing, wafer and chocolate sheets require a print template in order to ensure your edible design is printed within the correct boundaries. If you dont have a template, we offer these for free on our website.

Need any More Help?

If you get stuck and need some help from our design team then please do not hesitate to let us know. We’re really happy to help you out ! Simply contact us via the contact us page.