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What are Edible Image Elements ?

Our wide range of edible image element sets are small bundles of individual high quality images that arrive with a transparent background meaning they don’t have any background at all which allows the image to be moved around and moved together with other element images to form a scene.

Standard images downloaded from the internet usually have a solid colour background so can only be used on its own which limits the creativity potential.


Downloading and Unzipping your Edible Images

Once you receive your download link for your edible image elements, you’ll need to click this link to download your file which will be a .ZIP type file that will need to be unzipped.ย  To unzip you will need to click on the zip file to open its contents which then need to be extracted to a folder.

The following video shows you how to open and extract your zip file for an image element set.

NOTE : We are using a software called Winrar to unzip the files in the following video however any unzip software will do.


Opening your Edible Image Elements in your Graphic Software

After you unzip your file containing all your image elements you can then use them immediately by dragging and dropping them into your graphics software. In the following video, we are using Photoshop to drag in an Image element on top of a background we had opened up already.

NOTE: You can use either Photoshop, Photoshop Elements or GIMP to open and use the element image files.

Once dragged into the software, you can then arrange the elements around your design and even layer the elements so they sit on top or under one another. This is also shown in the following video


Need any More Help?

If you get stuck and need some help from our design team then please do not hesitate to let us know. We’re really happy to help you out ! Simply contact us via the contact us page.