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A cake wrap functions exactly the same as an edible cake topper, the difference is that this design or pattern wraps around the edges of the cake rather than being placed on top. This adds an extra element of personalisation to your cake and can be a nice touch when creating a more complex or intricately designed cake. For example, edible image cake wraps can be used to give your cake a marble effect, a floral or jungle feel or even as a way to wrap personal photos or images around your cake. The image you select for your edible cake wrap can be printed on either A3 or A4 icing sheets that can be easily cut to the size of your cake using a good pair of kitchen scissors or a clean hobby craft knife.

Just like our edible image cake toppers, edible image cake wraps and backgrounds are completely safe to eat. The best way to apply cake wraps to your cake is by gently removing it from the sheet it is attached to โ€“ peeling it away like you would a sticker. Then, apply either some water to soften the icing or a small amount of sugar glue to help your edible cake wrap stick to your cake.