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To help make your life even easier, we can provide pre-cut icing sheets for both mini and standard cupcakes, which will take the challenge of cutting your sheet to size out of the equation. Similarly to our edible cake toppers, our edible image cupcake toppers have a shelf life of three months, as long as you store them securely and correctly in an air-tight zip lock bag or container. When you are ready to use and apply your edible cupcake toppers, we recommend removing your design from the bag or container 20 minutes prior to you applying it on your baked goods. This helps dry the image out slightly which makes it easier to remove from the baking sheet it has been placed on.

To apply your edible image topper to your cupcakes, you must delicately peel the backing of the icing sheet off as if it is a sticker. Then, apply either some water to soften the icing or a small amount of sugar glue to help your edible cupcake topper stick to your cupcake. Always remember that peeling the backing of your edible cupcake topper off should not be difficult. If you are struggling to remove it, it could be due to the humidity or the temperature of the room it is in. Never forcefully remove the backing of your edible cupcake topper as this could significantly damage your image or design.