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Edible cake toppers are a great way to decorate your cake with a design that is personal to you or a loved one. Anything that you can print on paper, you can print on any type of icing or cake – meaning that the possibilities are endless and you can choose an edible cake topper that is special and specific to your celebration!

This can especially be a lot of fun when it comes to birthdays, allowing you to choose a design that is unique and personal to you or the person whose birthday it is. If you don’t already have an idea in mind, our endless selection of curated birthday-inspired designs and patterns will help guide you in the right direction. This can be as simple as a ‘Happy Birthday’ message, or an image inspired by a hobby or interest – such as music or animals.

Edible image cake toppers are completely safe to eat. Edible cake images are made out of a very simple solution of icing sugar and edible ink that are made of ingredients that are safe for our consumption. The ingredients used to create edible cake images are specially chosen in order to bond with the icing that covers the cake, meaning that once it is applied, it won’t move.

Before an edible cake image is applied to your cake, the sheet itself has a shelf life of three months, as long as it is sealed securely in an air-tight bag or container. Your edible image should peel from the baking sheet with ease, like a sticker. If it is not detaching, do not force it, as it could ruin the image or design. Once your edible image has been placed on the cake, its longevity starts to decrease, as the colours from the image may start to bleed into the cake if left for too long.